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Huawei remote radio unit RRU5904

Model: WD5M215904GB


Brand new and used RRU BBU for sale.

HUAWEI RRU5904 for Multi-Mode 2100mhz(4*60W) -48V WD5M215904GB 02311UWT

RRU5904 is a compact radio relay station designed for installation in limited spatial conditions. It has high transmission power and a wide range of operating frequencies, providing reliable coverage and data transmission in cellular networks.

RRU5904,WD5MERUMH30,WUYI,TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz,-48VDC,9.8G, 4T4R, 4*60W

Huawei 02311UWH RRU5904 – 1800Mhz
Huawei 02311UWT RRU5904 – 2100Mhz
Huawei 02311SJK RRU5904w  – 1800Mhz

Blade RRUs are as follows: RRU3971, RRU3959, RRU3959w, RRU3953, RRU3953w, RRU3952m, RRU3952, RRU3939, RRU3938, RRU3936, RRU3838, RRU3839, RRU3958, RRU3832, RRU3824, RRU382 6, RRU3668, RRU3281, RRU3269, RRU3268, RRU3262, RRU3260, RRU3249, RRU3276, RRU3853, RRU3962, and 5000 series RRUs.

02311PPP RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MERULC30B-WUYI (TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311PPN RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MERULC3KA-WUYI (TX1825-1875MHz/RX1730-1780MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TAY RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MJRULC8B-WUYI (TX935-960MHz/RX890-915MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TBA RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MJRULC8Z-WUYI (TX925-960MHz/RX880-915MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TBB RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MERULC30D-WUYI (TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TBD RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MIRULC10C-WUYI (TX2110-2170MHz/RX1920-1980MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311TBC RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MIRULC1GA-WUYI (TX2110-2165MHz/RX1920-1975MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311VSV RRU5909 RRU5909-WD5MERULC3H-WUYI (TX1825-1875MHz/RX1730-1780MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311SJK RRU5909s RRU5905w-WD5MERULG32-WUYI (TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*80W)
02311PRG RRU5909s RRU5909s-WD5MERULC30C-WUYI (TX1805-1880MHz/RX1710-1785MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02311PRK RRU5909s RRU5909s-WD5MIRULC10B-WUYI (TX2110-2170MHz/RX1920-1980MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)
02312AKH RRU5909w RRU5909w-WD5MJRULC8Z2-WUYI (TX927-960MHz/RX882-915MHz, – 48VDC, 9.8G, 2T2R, 2*60W)

Technical parameters:

module chip 4G version:Spreadtrum SC9820E, Cortex A53 Dual-core, Clock up to 1.3GHz, support DVFS
3G version: Sprd SC7701B,460.8MHz.
Memory 2+4GB (4G version)
LCD display 2 inch TFT, Resolution 128*64
Data rate 4G LTE FDD:UL 50Mbps/DL 150Mbps

3G WCDMA: UL 11.5Mbps/DL 42.2Mbps


GSM CS:UL 9.6kbps/DL 9.6kbps

3GPP protocol R7, R8
LTE FDD rf technical indicators 3GPP R9 CAT4 FDD, TDD/FDD receiving sensitivity more than one times higher than the standard of 3GPP
Max emission power LTE FDD/TDD: power class 3 (23± 2.7dBm)

WCDMA: power class 3 (+24+1/-3dBm)

GSM/GPRS 850/900MHz: power class 5 (23± 2.7dBm)

GSM/GPRS 1800/1900MHz: power class 0 (+30 ± 2dBm)

Working current The peak current is less than or equal to 2A

The max current for GSM calls is no more than 120mA

WCDMA communication mas current is no more than 500mA

LTE peak call current is less than 750mA

Standby current is less than or equal to 5mA

Max power consumption ≤2W

Operating Requirements:
1. Normal operation temperature: -30 -70℃
Restricted operation temperature: -30 -80℃
Storage temperature: -40 -85℃
2. Environment noise: Below 60dB(A)
3. Support SIM Card 1.8V/ 3V
4. Channel interval: 200KHz
5. Receive sensitivity: <-100dBm
6. Relative humidity: 45%~95%
7. Atmosphere pressure: 86~106Kpa
8. Support for software upgrade on line
9. AC power voltage: 100V~240V   DC:5V  0.8A
10. Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+. -Class 4(2W@850/900MHz), -Class 1(1W@1800/1900MHz)
11. Control via AT commands (GSM 07.07, 07.05 and SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands)
11. Phone: DC 5V 1000mA
12. Battery: 3.7V 1000mah Li-ion battery. Standby time is 120h, Talk time is more than 4h.


1) For public use as payphones
2) For office and home use
3) For rural and mountainous areas
4) For mobile carriages, like ships, automobiles, and trains
5) For those places where hard wire-line telephone service is unavailable
Packaging & Shipping

Item Qty Remark
Fixed wireless phone 368 1
User’s Manual 1 English
AC adapter 1  EU/US/AU/UK Plug(optional)
Back-up battery 1 1000mah Li-ion battery
Antenna 1
handset 1
G.W./unit 0.9kg
Dimension 25*18*6cm
packaging 10pcs/carton
CTN size(L*W*H) 48*39*26cm

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