Project Description

  • SIP IP PBX VOIP 4G GSM gateway

Multifunctional FXS FXO VOIP IP PBX 4G GSM gateway

All in one FXS FXO VOIP SIP IP PBX 4G gateway with SIM card slot. GSM and 4G network are optional.  It is a perfer box for small business to surf the Internet and make voice call service.

Model: AIO100

MOQ:1 piece


 Multifunctional 1 FXO 1 FXS VOIP SIP IP PBX 4G GSM gateway

MG200 is a multifunctional voice VOIP SIP IP PBX gateway with both voice and data services.

As a hybrid voip PBX gateway, it supports 32 sip users. Full PBX functions are supported. Such as Auto attendant, IVR, call forward/hold /waiting/transfer, etc. It also provides failover routing.

As a sip server, it supports sip device register including sip phone, sip video camera, sip APP, sip video phone sip ATA, etc. Sip trunk for call in and call out are available.

As a hybrid voip ATA, it has three voice interfaces ( GSM/LTE, FXS and FXO) for the Voip network , PLMN and PSTN connections. Do support SMS sending and receiving functions.

As a router, it supports WiFi and 100Mbps high-speed data-handling capacity, allowing users to enjoy high-speed internet surfing through WiFi or the LAN port.

Meanwhile, it is perfect for small and micro enterprises, providing high-speed internet access, good voice service and messaging service experience.

Models FXO FXS SIM WIFI IP extensions
AIO100-1O1S 1 1 NA YES 32
AIO100-1G1S NA 1 GSM(2G) YES 32
AIO100-1G1O1S 1 1 GSM(2G) YES 32
AIO100-1V1O1S 1 1 LTE(3G/4G) YES 32


Software Features

  • Ring Group
  • Routing Groups
  • Caller/Called Number Manipulation
  • Routing Base on Time Period
  • Routing Base on Caller/Called Prefixes
  • Routing Base on Source Trunks
  • Dial Rules
  • Failover Routing
  • FXO Impedance Auto Match
  • IVR Customization
  • Auto Attendant Function
  • CDR


  • Web GUI Configuration
  • Telnet Management
  • Configuration Restore/Backup
  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • HTTP/TFTP/FTP Firmware Upgrade
  • Auto Provision
  • CDR Report and Export
  • Syslog
  • Ping and Tracert
  • Traffic Statistics: TCP,UDP,RTP
  • Network Capture
  • NTP

Supplementary Services

  • Call Forward (Unconditional/No Answer/Busy)
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Hotline
  • Do-not-disturb
  • 3 Way Conference

Voice Capabilities


  • Codecs: G.711a/μ law,G.723.1, G.729A/B, iLBC,G.726
  • Silence Suppression
  • Comfort Noise Generator(CNG)
  • Voice Activity Detection(VAD)
  • Echo Cancellation: G.168 with up to 128ms
  • Dynamic Jitter Buffer
  • Adjustable Gain Control
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Call Progress Tones: Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone, Busy Tone
  • FAX: T.38and Pass-through
  • DTMF: RFC2833/Signal/Inband


  • Connector: RJ11
  • Caller ID: Bellcore Type 1&2, ETSI,BT,NTTand DTMF
  • Answer and Disconnect Signaling: Answer, Disconnect, Busy Tone
  • Polarity Reversal
  • Hook Flash


  • Connector: RJ11
  • Caller ID: FSK, DTMF
  • Polarity Reversal
  • Answer Delay
  • Busy Tone Detection
  • No Current Detection


  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • SIM/UIM: 1 SIM/UIM per Channel
  • SIMCard: 1.8V, 3.0V
  • Antenna: 3.0dB, SMAInterface
  • Bulk SMS
  • SMS Code/Decode: ASCII, Unicode
  • IMEI/PIN Code Management

Physical Interfaces

  • FXSPort: 1
  • FXOPort: 1
  • SIM Slot: 1
  • Ethernet Interfaces

1WAN&1LAN10/100 Base-T RJ45

  • WIFI

2.4GHz 802.11n

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